May 29, 2010

(In)decent Exposure

So this summer is brings along some pretty cool things. One of which being myself and a very good friend of mine, Bobby and I are curating the show at Intel. Which is freakin awesome.
Another is that myself and another friend of mine are organizing an art show at a local coffee shop that has become my real life version of the bar from "Cheers." Basically it will be organized as such:

  • Each show will be themed (we don't want your shit you threw in a closet) for example our first one is: A visual representation or illustration of your favorite song
  • At the end of each show we will have a reception, bring as many people as possible because the more people the more successful it will seem to the owners and they'll keep it going.
  • You can sell your work, so far there is no discussion of a cut.
  • Please write a small artist statement to go with your piece/price/your name and how to contact you
  • space is limited so nothing obscenely large (try to keep it around 22x30) if you must go big or go home.
  • All canvases must have hardware, all other pieces must be framed, 2D work only
  • You will have approximately a month to get it done, each show will be hanged the day after the old one.

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