March 24, 2011

Post-Portfolio Burnout

I had huge plans for my spring break you know. A list a mile long of things I wanted to work on, personal projects I've been mulling over and sketching for over a year. Did I do any of that? Nope. I prowl the net looking at other peoples work wishing I was half as driven. The rest feels good though, I start again next quarter with two printmaking classes an art history and a painting class. So perhaps its for the best that I let my brain rest. Well my pigs and blanket are ready.

March 21, 2011

Final Portfolio for Drawing

"Pear Tree Still Life" 18x24; charcoal

"Untitled" 22x3; prismacolor and white charcoal

Final Project WIP Detail

Final Project WIP Detail

"Arboretum" 18x24; charcoal

"Cathedral" 18x24; charcoal

March 20, 2011

Litho Final Portfolio: I R printmaker.

The quarter has come to an end and of course this means, final portfolios. Consensus: quarter systems sucks. I only got to do three lithographs, and no color. However as you may have counted there are four, naturally this is because I'm one of those over achieving types.Well kinda, like when I feel like it.

Lepurberus edition of 4
First project, which took for freaking ever. I think I printed 5 weeks into the class. This was all done in  tusche crayon.

And Then the Forest Began to Sing edition of 4
 This was the project I was excited about, the liquid tusche. It paints like a dream and oh man the texture you can get from the reticulations is gorgeous. Anyways this was a experiment of happy accidents. I over etched the hell out of this thing. One pass and it was black. Plus the conte crayon was too thick when I drew the houses and clouds and it left a white outline that looks like they were backlit. 

"The Devil You Think You Know" Artist proof
Oh hello problem child. I had a total Fuck Yeah Art Student Owl moment with this little bitch. Drawing goes perfect, colored in relative speed. One day before final portfolio due: Colossal clusterfuck. I forgot some pretty crucial steps. Lesson here: don't rush. Anyways so the only decent print was a artist proof. I love the image and how it was going to turn out so I'll try again soon. Next time I'm going to stain the paper before I print.

"Cast From Eden" edition of 6
So at the beginning of the semester I discovered that you could buy a pack of 30 polyester plates for relatively cheap at dickblick and print in an etching press. Oh Yes. A safety net. Anyways this has been printed on watercolor paper and will be hand painted. 

March 19, 2011

Ahhh Yeaaah Christmas in..Spring Quarter.

Beginning of the quarter always hurts so good. You remember that feeling as a kid when you got your school supplies? The new crayons and markers, pencils and pencil boxes? Multiply that by a thousand for art students. Both in the feeling and the price. Next quarter is all about printmaking and painting, so freaking excited. I just got all my supplies for the quarter.