May 17, 2010

Critical Mass

Hookay. So finals are almost over so I was compiling my portfolio for printmaking and managed to document pretty much all of it. There isn't a coherent theme I used this class to just enjoy myself and break down some walls I was facing in my creativity.

Here is my woodblock after its first inking. Note: this will be my first and last woodblock. Mark. My. Words. This wood had split personalities so that was the inspiration for the name. I bled for this project, literally. This really drove home how important the quality of tools and materials. Cheap wood from Home Depot would not be my first choice next time. Basically it made me realize that Hokusai is a fucking pimp.

Split Personalities Woodblock, Artist proof.

Eventually I plan to print it on black paper with pink ink but I am absolute shite at registration so that could prove to be interesting. What I love about this that you would never know if I didn't tell you is that the two halves are two totally different zebra faces. BAZINGA.

Crosby, Stills, and Nash Drypoint/Engraving on copper

No. Not the singers. We're penguin fans at home and its the cup. I have affectionally dubbed this my return to whismy. In my head the conversation went a little like this: "I should do something super serious and amazing and moving and emotional and life altering...wait. No, I'll do a mother fucking three-headed jacklope." I love this one but I think it has a long way to go, I want to develop the concept a little farther. I'll probably do it on plexiglass because I'm not sure of the why on getting an expensive copper plate. Do enlighten me. But there are little crazy details on there like a flying bug and dragon vespa. Don't ask I just sat down and let it all flow. Instead of the 'haha wouldn't it be crazy if I did...' coversations I just DID IT. And this happened.

"Freddy Mercury" Silkscreen and watercolor
Lordy, this one was a nightmare. I had been planning for weeks something super awesome and detailed and color and and and and yah, for my silkscreen but in the finals rush I screwed up a stencil that had taken me Three. Hours. To create (the day before of course) and then had to figure out something that would be fun and to my aesthetic standards that I felt I could stand behind. So somehow that translated into a goldfish. I ended up not being satisfied with the plain white outline so I ended up water-coloring in the details and I'm happy with it. It will never be a masterpiece but it was certainly a learning experience.

"Fantasy and Reality" drypoint and watercolor
This one I'll give its own post because there is a lot to it. This is going to be one in series and I have alot of sketches that will accompany it. But its a start, it certainly isn't the finished one. I hate the paper I pressed on, painting on it was a pain. Also I think I'll leave some more plate tint since I think they added a certain je n'ai se quoi.

So there you have it folks a semester in a post. This is the full body of work save for some collegraphs and my linoleum that I'm still trying to do decide what to do with.

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