May 31, 2010

Color plates oh me oh my.

So ages ago I made a post about a series I was working on. Well I was actually working on it (holy crap I know) and have gotten as far as the thumbnails and color plates. I'm pretty excited about them I was thinking I would do them in watercolor, but now I'm not so sure maybe oil.

Inheritance: Wild Rumpus

So this series if essencially an expression of my worries about the future. It the inheritance series because It is a conceptual representation of what we will become. This is the complimentary composition of the background of what will be a pretty brutal scene. I want all of the pieces to have the feel of a macabre storybook illustration. In this idyllistic forest scene there is a life and death struggle wages between two factions: The deer and the wolves. Both are groups of naked children in masks, their nudity is remark of innocence while the mask obscures their humanity. The wolves represent a survivalist mentality. They will do what they need to survive and ensure the security and livelihood of those they love. The wolves mean something to each other. The deer reflect a safety in numbers idealism. That to provide for the herd, although it seems to show unity in a crisis they all focus on making sure there is least and deer between them and the wolves. It is all for one and all for none.

Inheritance: Heirs of Icarus
You may remember this one from an earlier post. I jumped the gun a little and decided to start over. This is the next piece in the inheritance series and it basically speaks to our perception of success. The three young girls and clamoring to the surface by any means possible to join the birds in the sky. Below sharks are circling to drag the unlucky ones down to the depths.

Fantasy and Reality

This one isn't part of the inheritance series. Although I do have the third designed I haven't done a color plate. This one is a deeply personal piece. I won't go into why because I feel that really colors how the viewer sees it when I want them to experience it. So I'll quote what I wrote on the sketch so you can actually read my chicken scratch.
Crocodiles to many cultures represent motherhood because of the devotion they show to their young and the ferocity in which they protect them. This image is represented in two ways [mirrors of each other] The young woman is accepting the fate of the ferocity directed at her, or willing to drown seeking that protection and devotion. Either way she comes to harm.
The fantasy and reality is based on emotional reception of the viewer instead of the obvious visual translation.

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