April 26, 2010

Totoro Forest Project.

I remember stumbling on this site ages ago (pre-blog era) and falling in love with the idea of seeing other peoples concepts of forest spirits. Sadly I missed the exhibition in San Francisco last year but I pre-ordered the book which won't come until December (sad) and bought a copy of Hunt & Gather.
Here are some of my favorites from the exhibition:

Jackson Sze
The Gift
Watercolor and Gouache

Katsuya Terada
My Forest Monster
Digital over pencil drawing

Mike Dutton
Sunset Sky and the Cypress of Sighs
Acrylic and Gouache

On my personal artist struggles, I've actually broken through the wall! I'm so excited, I've started three new pieces in what promises to be an interesting process. I'm combining drypoint etchings with watercolor and we'll see what I get. I'll have process pictures up and some sketchbook rambles hopefully soon!