February 19, 2010

Tick Tock

At this point the clock is ticking and going fast, and I'm scrambling in the midnight hours to complete even 5 pieces for the upcoming show. I hate when I get inspiration at THE last minute and I have no time to take the time that I want to and that the idea deserves.
For Example:
I've just started a watercolor triptych that represents my fear of what the future brings for our society. Its a lot of nekkid kids killing each other, and at the moment I haven't finessed my explanation but believe me it WILL make sense...eventually. But anyways the pieces are highly detailed with a lot of components and again kids. Did you know that kids are a fucking pain in the ass to draw? My first attempt looked like a scary angry midget. The proportions are driving me insane and then add facial expressions, and hands and I will be working on this piece for a long time.

My only saving grace will be my prints, once I get a ~good~ print of my octi and complete the next several ideas I have I'll be gold.

But to satisfy your curious eyes, here are some pics of my piece so far.

"Inheritance I: Heirs of Icarus"

Part of my problem at the moment is when things are bad the state of my room shows it. Right now it looks like a war zone, but I can't stop thinking about that I don't have time but thats a lie. Today will be a day that I take a break from the worry and just get my act together. Lord help me.

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