February 16, 2010

Time to Use BOTH Hands

"Sea Goddess"

I decided that I would give printmaking another shot this semester and here is the fruit of my labor. Its 18"x24" (go big or go home right?) and I never quite considered the logistics of it all until I was confronted by The Biggest Brayer I Have Ever Seen. It was quite intimidating. Anyways this is the first artist proof I did. I used Daniel Smiths water soluble ink and it was recommended that I try using the oil based one for a more solid color. Though at this point I'm up in the air because the clean up for that beast was bad enough with just water let alone turp. I think I would end up killing us all. Either way I'm pleased as punch save for some minor cut details with the plate itself and I plan on doing a couple more runs to try to get the ink more even (first time folks). But I think in the future I'll stick with 9x12's

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