March 6, 2010

Where the Madness happens.

Okay so my studio was absolute chaos up until about 2 days ago and went through to bring some order to what I was doing. And then I took picture to prove it (and remember what its supposed to look like)
This is kind of an over all shot of the whole studio with my wall of old paintings, sketches and (new) prints, etc.
More of a close up of where I keep all of my art books and my little painting station complete with self portrait mirror.

My clay table that my dad and I built out of a door. You can see my necessary liquid staple maker (aka tea/coffee maker)
My drafting table, this is where I do most of my drawing and painting...and yes, farmvilling. Oh and my obscene collection of glazes

Here I made myself a little inking station for my lino printing and woodblocks. The cat box is a make shift wedging table, its almost completely filled with plaster. and the other two shelves of Shit I Don't Know What To Do With.

I also have stuff that I've been working on that I'll post later tonight.

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