May 21, 2011

Some Day My Press Will Come

Seriously though. Anyway here is an update of what I've been up to in the cave printlab.

"Swan Song"
3 color plate. This turned out better than I thought, not as good as I hoped. The colors aren't exactly what I hoped for so theres still quite a bit of tweaking to do.

A rather failed attempted for my landscape class. We were supposed to find something to draw that the rail station. Dear god the banality of it all. I was so bored.

Some how I found it in myself to revisit the idea of the railroad. Somehow a picture of a guy with his bike became a man with a top hat, and that turned into a steam train. And then out of sheer boredom and three of these guys popped up into the trees

"Untitled", Original line etch
I like this version so much better. I'm sad I didn't take my own advice and run an edition before aquatinting.

Sketch for etching

etch of the garden behind Borders at the Davis Commons

"Wild Rumpus"
One redo, several hours of aquatint, dry point later I'm done.
Holy crap its done. Well kinda, I still need to get all thirty editions done. 


Kerri said...

I am hanging your print on the wall. Just saying... I'm gonna miss you girl! :(

Kai said...

you know, going to Europe is an entirely BLOGGABLE experience. Just saying