February 5, 2011



I've always loved Röyskopp. Their trippy electronic funk instramentals take my mind to strange places and get amazing result. This companion album is darker and much more suited to my style than their previous album Junior. My absolute favorites on this one are: The Fear, and Forsaken Cowboy.

Angus & Julia Stone :: Down the Way

Such beautiful voices and image driven lyrics. I'm a huge sucker for odd voices, and interesting arrangements. Well maybe unique is a better way to put it. The mellow vibe is incredibly soothing during a manic night in the studio meeting dead lines. 

Fever Ray::Fever Ray

Speaking of odd voices and funky beats. Karin Dreijer Andersson is who I want to be when I grow up. I picture her as my alter ego. Completely driven by dark beats and visually powerful lyrics, it has been a driving force for my conceptual work recently. Keep the Streets Empty for Me is my particular favorite. Its been stuck in my head for weeks.

E.S. Posthumus :: Unearthed

Not only do they make powerful instrumental music, but they get major credit for using Carvaggio on their album cover. I can't even begin to describe their music. Well I can, but the piece that speaks the most to me is Ebla. Everytime I listen to it I animate it in my mind. Perhaps one day I'll sit down and sketch it out.

Ratatat :: LP4

No words. Just love. These guys just keep getting better. Well except their third album was kind of a wash. But this totally makes up for it. I put this on my ipod and dance when I paint. It amuses my classmates to no end.

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